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Aero-Formatech® is a company that relies on experienced instructors known for the quality of their professional cabin safety training skills. Since its foundation in 1992, Aero-Formatech® has been offering custom crew member training programs to Canadian and international pilots, flight attendants, instructors, technicians, ground personnel, managers and inspectors. The company uses training materials and products that are environmentally friendly.

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The Canadian aviation regulations require that all crew members of airline companies be assigned duties to perform in any emergency situation or evacuation. Training participants will be shown that the performance of techniques learned adequately addresses any emergency situation that may be reasonably anticipated.

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Battery Fires in Air Transportation

The following document describes recent battery incidents that have occurred.

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Incident: REX SF34 near Sydney on Nov 25th 2011, Smartphone battery runaway

By Simon Hradecky, created Sunday, Nov 27th 2011 17:28Z, last updated Wednesday, Nov 30th 2011 13:46Z

iphoneThe faulty iPhone (Photo: REX)A REX Regional Express Saab 340B, registration VH-PRX performing flight ZUL-319 from Lismore,NS to Sydney,NS (Australia), was on approach to Sydney when a passenger's iPhone started to emit smoke followed by red glow. The flight attendant managed to cool the iPhone down and stop glow and smoke. The aircraft continued for a safe landing in Sydney.

The ATSB have initiated an investigation.

A passenger reported that the flight attendant became aware of the owner of the iPhone becoming agitated while on approach to Sydney. After touchdown the iPhone was thrown onto the floor where the flight attendant then cooled the Smartphone down and stopped the glow and smoke.

The airline reported that the iPhone self combusted after landing emitting a significant amount of dense smoke accompanied by a red glow, the flight attendant carried out recovery actions.

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